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Annual Report
A cover and two spreads of the annual repost

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December, 2021

About the project:

The Paper Bag Company annual report is a school project that I created in my first year of college back in 2019. The updated version of the annual report is now presented with a brand-new design that is adheres to the high typesetting and design standards. 

The Paper Bag Company (a fictitious company) is dedicated to using its annual report to give stockholders (such as employees, customers, suppliers, and community) a better understanding of the ways The Paper Bag Company is developing, expanding, and doing business. This company sees the annual report as a great marketing tool.

Previous Version

A magazine spread of the old version of the Paper Bag annual report
A page from the old version of the Paper Bag annual report

The first design of the annual report was completed two years ago and could not be considered as a professional work. There were some issues such as the inconsistent style of the illustrations, lack of white space, orphans, and some more design oversights.

Despite all that, the annual report design was a highlight of my first year studies. This is the reason why I decided to come back to the project and wanted to enhance it by fixing all the errors and elevate it.

Planning Ahead

A chart showing work progress

Planning is essential when it comes to design and deadlines. That is why visual timeline chart was one of the first things executed for the project.

This visual chart was used thought the project timeline in order to keep the client (professor) updated on the design progress.

Inspiration and sketches

Moodboard for the project

After planning comes more planning! I started developing the updated version of the annual report by grabbing some inspiration from the websites such as Designspiration, Pinterest, and Behance. To visually present my the mood I was going for, I created the moodboard with the designs that reflected my view of the final result.

I wanted to crate a publication that has a lot of white space, easy to read, and easy to grasp the most important information on the page.

Following the moodboard, I developed some sketches to showcase my view of the future graphics, updated spreads, and highlighted the way innovations will be applied. With QR code, the reader of the annual report will be able to go straight to the explainer video created for the annual report.

QR code scan sketch
Sketch of the spreadsSketch of the charts

Final Result

A cover and a spread of the annual report

The Paper Bag Company annual report now fully adheres to the high design quality standards.

Because of the new professional look and innovative features, stakeholders and other interested parties will be more engaged with the report. This would be followed by new investments and brand recognition.

Here you can check out the explainer video developed to highlight the most significant information from one of the annual report's sections called Our Growth Strategy.

To read the annual report, follow the link below:

The Paper Bag Annual Report

Mockups credit: pmvchamara