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May, 2020

About the project:

Nectar Flowers Ottawa is a family-owned and operated floral boutique, specializing in Farm Direct Roses and Plants. The objective for the project was to come up with a brand-new logo type and create a style guide to accompany the new branding.

Sketch, sketch, sketch

A sketch of the logotypes
A sketch of the logotypes

The starting point for the rebranding was to produce as much ideas as possible in a sketch form and choose four that look like they would fit the company the most.

In total, there were around a hundred variations of the logo produced.

The next step was to choose four logotypes that fitted the brand the most and use illustrator to turn them into a digital pieces.

This step helped to analyse all the pitfals that might be a case with the logotype and make the right decision of what two logotypes are going to be presented for the customer to choose from.

Logo variation
Logo variation
Logo variation
Logo variation

Logo Established

The customer decided to go with the logotype that featured rose and bonsai tree.

Nectar Flowers Ottawa is one of a few stores in Ottawa that sell bonsai trees, so it was important to highlight the uniqueness of the company by incorporating the bonsai tree as a stem of the rose.

Final Logo
Stationary mockup
A tag mockup
An apron mockup
A car mockup

Style Guide

The final step was a delivery of a style guide to help the customer use their brand more efficiently in order to generate even greater profit by establishing brand recognition.

Style guide spread
Style guide spread
To view the whole Style Guide, follow the link below:

Nectar Flowers Style Guide