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Encore magazine cover and spread

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December, 2021

About the project:

This fashion magazine design is a personal project that reflects my interests in the fashion industry, typesetting, and beautiful layouts.

The goal of this project is to design a fashion magazine issue. The final result will showcase the abilities of the designer to create a layout and typesetting that adheres to professional standards.

I decided to call the magazine Encore. I chose this name because fashion trends are cyclical. The trends that were disregarded as old fashion almost always get back on track. People want them to comeback. This cycle resembles the encore in some ways.

Planning Ahead

Gantt chart outlining the phases of the project

I started developing the Encore magazine by creating the Gantt chart to outline all the phases of the project. This approach helped me stay on top of the workload and be mindful of the upcoming deadlines.


Moodboard of two page spreads taken from Vogue

Because this was a passion project, I was looking for something that could inspire me. I am a big fan of fashion magazines and often buy Vogue and Harpers Bazaar magazines' issues. So when I was looking for some inspiration for my mood board, I already knew it should be Vogue and Harpers Bazaar.

Here you can see some examples of my inspirational mood board that I was looking up.

Moodboard of two page spreads taken from Vogue
Moodboard of two page spreads taken from Vogue


Sketches play a significant role in the design process and development. That is why, after I completed the project planning, I developed the sketches. These visuals help me, as the designer, to get a picture of the final result.

Moreover, visual representations like sketches help the customer to take a glimpse at the upcoming result. The customer can share their thoughts on the direction the designer is about to execute.

Here you can see some sketches that were developed for the cover and the feature article.

Sketch of the cover and table of contents
Five sketches of the future Encore magazine pages

Final Result

The cover and spread from the Encore Magazine

Encore is an example of an editorial piece that adheres to the industry standards and showcases my abilities as a designer to create layouts and typesetting that reflect the skills and knowledge gained during my years of studies.

To read the Encore magazine issue, follow the link below:

Encore Magazine

Encore fashion magazine spread
Mockups credit: pmvchamara